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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Triple O Severn Weekend - Entry on the Day

Dave Urch writes:
The online entries for the Day 1 Regional, Day 2 National and Day 3 Score events have now closed. It will however be possible to enter a limited range of courses (White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green) on each of the first two Days and both the 60 minute and 45 minute score events on Day 3. All are subject to map availability.

The fees for Day 1 are £14 for seniors (£12 for BOF National or SWOA members) and £5 for juniors and students. The fees for Day 2 are £7 for seniors (net of any discount) and £3 for juniors and students. The fees for the Score events are £10 for seniors (£8 for BOF National or local SWOA/WOA members) and £3 for juniors and students.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Triple O Severn - Late entries and start times

Entries will close completely tomorrow Tuesday 28th at midnight. On the busy courses, available start times are very few and late entrant are very likely to have a very late start.

FCC Middle start times will be online later tonight.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Triple O Severn - Start times

The start times are now available online at Fabian4 except for the FCC and BEOC.

Start times for FCC and BEOC are awaiting latest checking and confirmation and should be available soon.

The times quoted for Saturday Regional and Open Middle courses are the start of an half-hour block.

Some start time for the ASO championship have been modified from previous start time posted on Fabian4.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

JK - Northumberland

After last year’s snow in the south east, we were treated to a weekend of sunshine and warmth in the north east. The cool, overcast start at the Sprint changed dramatically overnight and the good weather persisted until the end of the relays. The sunshine was complemented by some excellent terrain and courses, marred only slightly by the logistical nightmare of bussing everyone in and out for the relays.

The Day 1 Sprint was certainly fast, technically less challenging than last year but with some interesting route choice provided by the central motorways dividing the competition area. Alice Bedwell and Dave Parkin won their classes (W45 and M75), with Mark Saunders 2nd (M50).

Days 2 and 3 at Kyloe and Cockenheugh offered a mix of woodland and open moorland, with the added bonus (for climbers) of passing very close to some well known crags and enticing boulders – quite tempting to stop and have a closer look. Alice Bedwell excelled herself by adding the overall W45 JK title to her Sprint win and there were some notable performances from other BOK runners too. Mark Saunders was 3rd in M50; Jackie Hallett, Alison Simmons and Jo Foster 4th, 5th and 7th in W50 (Alison having won Day 2); Clive Hallett 7th M45; Dudley Budden 3rd M60; Dave Parkin 2nd M75; Anne Donnell 2nd W75 and Pat Grenfell 1st W80. Our juniors too enjoyed some good results – Isla Simmons finished a very creditable 14th in W18E (before going off to the World Schools in Spain); Rosemary Hurford was 1st in W18L; David Maliphant, Jamie Hayward and Ben Kelsey 3rd, 5th and 6th in M18L; Ben Maliphant 10th M16A; and Adam Potter 12th M14A.

The Relay courses at Dipton Woods were themselves excellent, although the 90 minute wait for a bus in each direction was somewhat disappointing! The BOK To Front team of Clive Hallett, Phil Murray and Mark Saunders finished 3rd in M120+, while Jackie ‘n’ The BOKs (Jackie Hallett, Jo Foster and Alice Bedwell) were 6th in W120+. In the M48- class, our BOK To The Future team of Jamie Hayward, Adam Potter and Ben Maliphant finished 12th and the Assorted BOKs juniors (Rosemary Hurford, Abigail Kerr and Jack Kelsey) did well to finish 20th in the Mixed AdHoc class.

So an excellent JK weekend all round. Many thanks to the organising clubs, and also to the weather for holding long enough – Tuesday saw a return to cloud and a cold north easterly wind and on Wednesday several BOK families were treated to thick fog on Lindisfarne.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Reminder - Annual Dinner & Awards

Remember to book your places for BOK's Annual Dinner & Award Ceremony on May 15th, always a good evening. Time's running out as the deadline is next Monday 27th April. If you have missed this deadline, please either phone the Organiser or email the Webmaster.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Triple O Severn - Final Details

Final Details of the Triple O Severn Weekend are now available. It is hoped to have start times available on Saturday (25th April).

Monday, April 20, 2009

Stock Hill - Final Results

Colour standard times have been added and the results declared 'final'. Details of the SWOA Colour-coded Award Scheme can be found on the SWOA website - to qualify for an award you must achieve the standard time on the same colour course at three events in a two year period.

Triple O Severn - Late entries

Online entries remain open.

Orders for the Day 2 National maps go off today with a small additional margin per course. Fabian4 will continue to accept entries until that margin has been reached at which point the course will automatically be closed.

Entries for the Day 1 Regional courses will continue to be accepted up until Wednesday 29 April on all courses apart from the Blue course where the ceiling of 160 has almost been reached. The Men’s Open Middle Distance course is also close to capacity.

Entries on the day will now be restricted to White, Yellow, Orange and Light Green courses only and subject to map availability.

Entries for the Day 3 Score events will continue to be accepted up until Wednesday 29 April and there will also be entry on the day subject to map availability.

(Note the entries might look closed until the proper number of remaining maps is set in the system).

Friday, April 17, 2009

Triple O Severn Weekend - Closing Date Reminder

Entries for the Triple O Severn Weekend (2nd-4th May) are scheduled to close on Sunday 19th April (although FCC and BEOC competitors have until Monday 20th April). Enter online via Fabian4.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Summer Informals 2009 - Publicity

Jonathan Hurford writes:
BOK are organising an full programme of Summer Informal Events to be launched on Wednesday 27th May at Leigh Woods, which coincides with National Family Week. We hope to get some good publicity by featuring these events on the web sites of National Family Week and also Bristol City Council. The poster/leaflet files are in the publicity section found in "The Klub" area of this web site. Please help if at all possible by printing off these documents and distributing to friends, colleagues, local sports clubs, scouts, cadets, libraries etc, etc. We have a large Klub membership with a wide geographic spread, if everyone managed just a couple of posters we really could increase awareness of our sport and participation at our events. If anyone would like me to send coloured copies of the posters and leaflets please let me know via the web site or the membership list.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Springtime in Shropshire - 23rd to 25th May

Jonathan Hurford writes:
Don't forget standard entries for the Springtime in Shropshire weekend need to be in by 23rd April. Also, I'm trying to coordinate a camp site for BOK members, so please contact me soon if you're interested.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Thursday, April 02, 2009

JK Relay Teams

Proposed BOK teams for the JK relays are now available on this website, accessible from the Hot Links. It would be helpful if at least some teams could declare their running order in advance of the JK weekend, so please can you try to contact other members of your team to sort this out. If you let your Klub Captains know by Wednesday 8th April, we can declare teams online. Late changes will be possible if necessary during the event weekend.