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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Adams Avery & ASO Relays - Flyer

A flyer for the Adams Avery & ASO Relays at Stock Hill on Sunday 6th July is now available.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Mike Nelson BOKTrot - Provisional Badge Times

Provisional badge times are now available.

Mike Nelson BOKTrot - Provisional Ranking List Scores

Provisional British Orienteering Ranking List scores are now available.

Annual Dinner & Award Ceremony - Photos

Photos of the Klub's Annual Dinner & Award Ceremony that took place on 16th May have been added to the gallery. If you would like a copy of any of the photos, please contact Howard Thomas. Award winners.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

JOK Chasing Sprint & Harvester Relays 17th-18th May

The JOK Chasing Sprint at Bloom Wood near High Wycombe provided an exciting warm-up before the Harvester Relays later that night. Tim Britton finished 12th in the Open class, with Clive Hallett and Mark Bown in 21st and 23rd places respectively. Clive put in an excellent performance in the chase, finishing 7th on that run but just failing to keep up with the pack of 12 youngsters bunched within 30 seconds just ahead; the single SI box at the last control didn’t help the less aggressive. Mark Bown on the other hand gained several places by not following the group ahead, who all turned up embarrassingly close to the finish before having to go back to the last control. Alice Bedwell finished 13th in the Women’s Open, Jackie Hallett 2nd in the Women’s Vets and Charles Daniel 17th in the Men’s Vets.
There were 3 BOK teams in the Harvester, despite having to find several last-minute substitutes due to injury and illness. The BOK Shooting Stars (Clive Hallett, Keith Agmen, Ifor Powell, Mark Saunders, Mark Bown, Mark Selley and Tim Britton) finished 5th overall in the A class, with Clive getting the team off to a flying start on the 1st night leg and Mark Bown also winning the 5th leg. The BOK Nightingales (Jackie Hallett, Alice Bedwell, Charlotte Daniel, Jo Foster and Christine Farr) finished 15th overall in the B class, 5th Women-Only team and 4th in the Women’s Handicap. Perhaps the best that can be said of the BOK Moonlighters (Christophe Mutricy, Mark Blackstone, Charles Daniel, Alan Honey, Duncan Innes and Chris Kelsey) is that they finished, not quite last but several hours behind the Shooting Stars! An enjoyable if tiring weekend. Full results for both events accessible from here.

Klub Weekend (Pembrey) 20th-22nd June

For this year's Klub Weekend, we're planning once again to join SBOC for their Midsummer orienteering weekend at Pembrey Country Park. There will be three events: a Friday evening informal at Llanelli; a Welsh league event at Pembrey on Saturday (which will also be their club championships); and the popular 2x2 relays on Sunday, also at Pembrey. The 2x2 relay is pre-entry and SBOC has also asked us to let them know what courses you intend to run on Saturday so that they can estimate map numbers. See the SBOC website or the flyer on the BOK website (see Diary) for details of all events.
We will camp in the park, which has play areas, visitor centre, dry ski slope and access to the beach, as well as miles of parkland. Bring a barbecue for Saturday evening, which often features a very informal rounders match too.
If you would like to come, please contact Chris and Helen Kelsey so that we have an idea of numbers and if possible please tell us what course you will be running on the Saturday. Remember that you will need to pre-enter the 2x2 relays yourself, no later than 16th June.

Purdown - Flyer

A flyer for the district event at Purdown on Sunday 15th June 2008 is now available.

Monday, May 19, 2008

SWOA Galoppen - Final Scores

The final scores for the 2007/2008 South-West Galoppen Series have been published on the SWOA website - follow the 'current season' link in the 'related pages' panel on this page.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Walcombe - Final Results

String course results and colour standard times have been added and the results declared 'final'. Details of the SWOA Colour-coded Award Scheme can be found on the SWOA website - to qualify for an award you must achieve the standard time on the same colour course at three events in a two year period.

Silk Wood - Final Results

Colour standard times have been added and the results declared 'final'. Details of the SWOA Colour-coded Award Scheme can be found on the SWOA website - to qualify for an award you must achieve the standard time on the same colour course at three events in a two year period.

Mike Nelson BOKTrot - Results Update

Some minor updates have been made to the results. String course results, officials' comments and more photos have also been added. We hope to be able to declare the results 'final' next week, when ranking list points and badge times will be made available.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

BADO Hareround Entry Deadline 17 May 2008

The closing date for standard rate entries to BADO's Regional Event at Butterwood on 1 June is 17 May 2008. Details are at http://www.bado.org.uk/01062008final.htm

British Orienteering Coaching Day for Individuals

Have you noticed that British Orienteering are running a coaching day for all levels from Orange upwards on Saturday, 7 June, at Corndon and Stapeley, 15 miles from Shewsbury, the day before the HOC National event at Brown Clee? Click the following link (flyer and application form) to find out more.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mike Nelson BOK Trot - RouteGadget and Splitbrowser

RouteGadget and Splitsbrowser are now available.

Mike Nelson BOKTrot - Provisional Results

Provisional results (including WinSplits) are now available. Photos. Splitsbrowser and RouteGadget to follow later.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Scottish Championships Entry Deadline

The Scottish Championships, a national event, take place over the Spring Bank Holiday week-end 24-25th May 08. The deadline for entries is 12th May. Details are at: http://www.interlopers.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/08scottishchamps.htm.

Tamar Triple Entry Deadline

The Tamar Triple takes place over the Spring Bank Holiday week-end, 24-26th May. The first deadline for entries is midnight 7th May. Late entries can be made at extra cost until midnight Tue 20th May. Full details are at http://www.tamartriple.org.uk/.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Mike Nelson BOKTrot - Control Descriptions

Control descriptions for the age-related courses may now be downloaded from the event details page. The descriptions will also be printed on the maps and extra copies will be available at Assembly.

Penhale Galoppen - 27th Apr 08

For a few BOK members, the lure of Penhale sand dunes was enough to counterbalance the long journey and poor weather forecast. But after driving through some fairly wet weather over Bodmin Moor, we were greeted with sunshine at Penhale. David Maliphant secured a win on Blue, keeping alive his late chase for the Galoppen title. Pete Maliphant was 3rd on the same course, Mark Dyer 3rd on Green and Charles Daniel 5th on Brown. While it may not have been as tough as some recent Penhale events, it was nonetheless very enjoyable and well worth making the effort to get there. Full results here.

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Summer Informals 2008 - Publicity Brochure

The Klub's 2008 series of summer evening informal events gets under way on Wednesday 28th at Warmley Forest Park. There are six events in this year's programme, which is co-ordinated by Christophe Mutricy. These events are ideal for beginners of all ages - help and friendly advice will be available. A brochure about the series may be downloaded from the Publicity page.

Mike Nelson BOK Trot - Start Times for ASO competitors

The start times for the juniors taking part in the ASO championship have now been posted on Fabian4. Follow the link from the event page and click on "Display" to display the start list.
Please note that for ASO competitors, it is a precise start time not an half-hour block.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Mike Nelson BOK Trot - Start Times

The start times are now available on Fabian4. Follow the link from the event page and click on "Display" to display the start list.
The start are in half-hour blocks. The time quoted on the start list is the start of the block i.e. if the list shows 11:00 for an orienteer, he should start between 11:00 and 11:30.
The start time for the juniors competing in the ASO championship haven't been allocated yet.
Helpers have an "Open" start time.